April 20 - 23, 2015

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Field Service Companies

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In this exclusive presentation, Andy Ortega, Director Global Field Service at Pacific Biosciences discusses field service companies: Exploring Best Practices In Service Leadership Development.

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If you have a very large customer base, are constantly sending field techs out to service problems for your customers, or are just in need of extra hands and field techs, hiring field service companies might be something to consider. Using a 3rd party, and outsourcing services with the qualified professionals and techs, is a great way to ensure that your customer needs will always be met, no matter how many customers, or how many calls you get. The use of a outsourcing field services companies to have additional techs be able to do all work for your customers, anytime they need it, will increase customer satisfaction, and will ensure you always have the required personnel to do any job.

Outsourcing with field service companies is something any large business should look into. The more consumers you have, the more calls you are going to get for services. This means, if you were to employ more field techs directly, you would be spending much hire amounts on labor costs. However, outsourcing with field services companies, through a 3rd party provider, can save costs on labor, and you can be rest assured the service workers who are supplied, will be the best in the industry.

This will allow you to meet and exceed all customer satisfaction levels, and retain customers for longer periods of time. If you are low on workers, or just are in high demand for service work from customers, an outsourcing services company, will be a great asset to your business. Not only will they back the quality of their workers, they will guarantee customer satisfaction on all jobs; and, if a customer is not happy, they will make it right. No matter what kind of outsourcing you need, these companies have the proper workers to do the job. From electronics, to servicing any product your company sells, there is a 3rd party outsourcing firm with workers to complete the task.

Not only will you offer greater customer satisfaction, you will be saving money. Using a large 3rd party company is very cost efficient. Since they employ so many workers, have so many clients that they work with, and can do any job, they are able to charge cheaper rates, which are less than you would have to pay if you were to hire new employees internally. So, for quality service, customer satisfaction, and great savings in employment, working with outsourcing companies for field services, is a great choice for any company to make.