Field Service Virtual Event

April 26 - 30, 2021


10:30am - 6pm ET


10:30 am - 11:00 am Exhibit Hall Meet & Greet

11:00 am - 11:05 am Surviving the Pandemic: Together, We Shall Overcome

Tune in for a tribute to the field service industry frontrunners and essential services personnel who are our great warriors in the fight against the Novel Coronavirus.

11:05 am - 11:10 am Welcome Remarks

Antonia Kay, Field Service Portfolio Director at WBR

Antonia Kay

Field Service Portfolio Director

11:10 am - 11:25 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks: Intelligent Service: Excel in Customer Experiences & Drive Outcomes

Marne Martin, President of IFS Service Management at IFS

Marne Martin

President of IFS Service Management

11:25 am - 11:45 am Keynote Service Must Go On: Adapting to the “New Normal”

Karin Hamel leads Services for the U.S. Digital Buildings business at Schneider Electric, a $28.6 billion global leader in providing digital solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability. A leader who is recognized for establishing a culture of success to drive shareholder value, Karin is highly regarded for scaling organizations to long term sustainable performance, maintaining a customer -centric approach, and enhancing long-term profitability through operational excellence. Her diverse background comprised of sales, marketing and operations gives her unique perspective to drive the necessary transformation within services.

Karin’s keynote offers an overview of Schneider Electric’s proactive response to the pandemic, the steps her service units took to identify critical accounts that needed uninterrupted support, the prioritization efforts associated with resource optimization, and strategy adjustments for post-quarantine period and beyond. Key takeaways include:

  • Analyzing which customer accounts would receive relief from the Coronavirus Stimulus Package and its impact on their business during and after the pandemic  
  • Evaluating the existing infrastructure and identifying areas for improvement, ensuring service delivery to critical accounts
  • Pivoting the growth plan and identifying new revenue generation streams throughout the healthcare crisis management period 
  • Leveraging automation of processes, systems and tools to minimize costs and maximize service delivery in response to the pandemic
  • Deploying lean and agile operating model to gain cost efficiencies

*This presentation will not provide any general health guidance or recommendations on public health matters

Karin Hamel, Vice President, Services – U.S. Digital Buildings at Schneider Electric

Karin Hamel

Vice President, Services – U.S. Digital Buildings
Schneider Electric

Join our expert panelists for an in-depth overview of how the pandemic has impacted their service operations and strategy for the near future. Main takeaways include:

  • Key learnings to date and strategic projections for the next year and beyond
  • Major technologies that will drive business continuity in the post-pandemic marketplace
  • Actionable recommendations on aligning cross-functional teams around customer-centric goals
Chris Westlake, Global Process Owner, Service and Repair at Medtronic

Chris Westlake

Global Process Owner, Service and Repair

Charles Hughes, Chief Operating Officer at High Wire Networks

Charles Hughes

Chief Operating Officer
High Wire Networks

Patrick Dell, FVP, Service Operations, Americas Field Service at Varian Medical Systems

Patrick Dell

FVP, Service Operations, Americas Field Service
Varian Medical Systems

Steve Salmon, VP of Enterprise and Channel Sales at Field Nation

Steve Salmon

VP of Enterprise and Channel Sales
Field Nation

Sarah Nicastro, Director of IFS Service Management and Field Service Evangelist at IFS

Sarah Nicastro

Director of IFS Service Management and Field Service Evangelist

12:25 pm - 12:45 pm Keynote: Benchmarking Service KPIs: How Does Your Workforce Measure Up?

If your entire team performed more like your service heroes — the top 25% of your workforce — you’d save thousands of truck rolls, reduce service costs, have more engaged employees, and happier customers. To develop the dream team, you first need to:

  • Accurately assess your service KPIs
  • Understand the performance gap between your heroes and challengers 

This session will reveal the results of Aquant’s service KPIs benchmarks report, a deep dive into the state of service performance through actual service data, not as seen through rose-colored safety goggles. 

Learn how service organizations are leveraging actionable intelligence from AI to get the whole team performing more like the top 25%. 

Plus, learn how leading companies like BD get strategic about service measurement and AI adoption.

Steve Chamberland, Director of US Service Operations at BD Biosciences

Steve Chamberland

Director of US Service Operations
BD Biosciences

Edwin Pahk, VP of Product Marketing and Business Development at Aquant

Edwin Pahk

VP of Product Marketing and Business Development

12:45 pm - 1:15 pm Exhibit Hall Meet & Greet

*RSVP required

As the global pandemic continues to rock the manufacturing world, executives face the unenviable challenge of maintaining short-term business continuity while meeting their customers’ ever-growing demands. While there is a need to focus on the here and now, some OEMs are hunkering down, while others are forging ahead, doubling down on servitization and investing for the future. Who’s right and who’s wrong – only time will tell. 

Join the Syncron team for a virtual workshop where we look at the future of servitization and whether or not it has fallen by the wayside in light of COVID or if the benefits of selling products-as-a-service are more valuable now than ever before. 

You’ll leave with: 

-         Practical lessons learned from previous economic downturns 

-         Considerations both for and against the shift to Servitization 

-         Ways manufacturers can maximize short-term performance, while adapting to changing customer expectations like products-as-a-service  

Jeff Nieze, Director, Worldwide Center of Excellence at Syncron

Jeff Nieze

Director, Worldwide Center of Excellence

Clayton Slagle, Value Engineering Consultant at Syncron

Clayton Slagle

Value Engineering Consultant

Nate Corder, Head of Sales, Americas at Syncron

Nate Corder

Head of Sales, Americas

2:05 pm - 2:45 pm Workshop: Get Hands on with the Next Generation ROI Builder from Salesforce

*RSVP required

Now more than ever being thoughtful in your investment in a Field Service Solution requires a thoughtful, detailed and dynamic business ROI proposal that can stand up to board room scrutiny. During this session, our Salesforce Field Service trail guides will guide you through the Business Value Discovery Application live, so you can see the way we can leverage this next generation ROI tool to build up a comprehensive picture of your investment with a 5 year ROI projection.

Tas Hirani, Director, Sales Enablement at Salesforce

Tas Hirani

Director, Sales Enablement

Ziv Barzilay, Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce

Ziv Barzilay

Director of Product Marketing

1:20 pm - 2:00 pm Workshop: Using Knowledge to Navigate the Field Service Perfect Storm

*RSVP required

The Silver Tsunami and COVID-19 pandemic have combined to create a “Perfect Storm” of challenges for field service managers. Tim Spencer, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Service Operations for BUNN-O-Matic, joins Bo Wandell to discuss lessons learned in the early days of the pandemic and how mobile knowledge helped BUNN navigate the perfect storm.

 Key takeaways from this workshop include:

- Using mobile knowledge to maintain and improve the customer experience in the face of increasing reliance on 3rd party service partners.

- Ensuring your digital knowledge transformation is designed to fuel positive business outcomes.

- Deploying a digital knowledge solution that will attract and retain new technicians and bridge the gap between the new and retiring generations.

Bo Wandell, Vice President at AnswersAnywhere

Bo Wandell

Vice President

Tim Spencer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Service Operations at Bunn-O-Matic

Tim Spencer

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Service Operations

2:05 pm - 2:45 pm Workshop : Staying Agile in Today's Evolving Service Landscape with Low-Code Apps

*RSVP required

Are you looking to respond fast, ensure business continuity, and gain access to richer data that fuels decision-making in the "new normal"? Then join ProntoForms’ Client Director, Pat Foley and VP Customer Care, Brian and Service Manager Jay from Conair as they tackle how low-code apps help organizations achieve digital transformation goals while staying agile in a constantly evolving service landscape. 

Brian Dowler, Vice President, Customer Care at Conair

Brian Dowler

Vice President, Customer Care

Jay Kriner, Service Manager at Conair

Jay Kriner

Service Manager

Pat Foley, Client Director at ProntoForms

Pat Foley

Client Director

2:45 pm - 3:15 pm Exhibit Hall Meet & Greet

3:15 pm - 3:20 pm Reconvening for small group workshops

3:20 pm - 4:00 pm Workshop: Enabling Service Resiliency with Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

*RSVP required

COVID-19 has disrupted service organizations – and their customers – on multiple levels. In the new normal, service teams face travel limitations, parts supply issues, and increasing demands for remote support that have dramatically changed the ways they approach how they do business, especially as their customers’ needs shift in response to the pandemic.

This creates a balancing act for leaders who need to both rapidly respond to short-term challenges and plan for long-term success. While service organizations gear up for future recovery and look to build resilience into business operations, they are also faced with urgent, disruptive needs for rapid changes that help keep employees safe and connected while enabling them to still providing the critical support that their customers need. 

By employing augmented reality, Waters Corporation has been able to maintain business resiliency by offering remote assistance and collaboration capabilities to their customers. Introducing AR into their service offering has allowed them to improve employee and customer safety and reduce the need for on-site visits.  

Join Adam Beard, Vice President, Global Services at Waters Corporation and Justin Hester, Senior Director, Digital Transformation at PTC as they lead a discussion on how service organizations can maintain business resiliency in the face of a crisis. They’ll discuss how waters is incorporating augmented reality remote assistance into their service practice today, as well as what they’re planning for the future

Justin Hester, Digital Transformation Director at PTC

Justin Hester

Digital Transformation Director

Adam Beard, Vice President, Global Services at Waters Corporation

Adam Beard

Vice President, Global Services
Waters Corporation

4:05 pm - 4:45 pm Workshop: Service Delivery for the Future: Digital Opportunities, Challenges and Risks

*RSVP required

Ed Mor drives the Global Service Organization and strategic objectives within the semiconductor market for Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in electron microscopes and Nano technology serving multiple markets including industry (semiconductor, data storage), materials, research, natural resources and life sciences. 

Ed's long history with Thermo Fisher Scientific (fomerly FEI) stretches more than 16 years where he has developed and managed service operations in all markets and all regions globally.

After Joining FEI from Physical Electronics he developed the site manager concept in support of one of FEI's largest customers. Ed then transitioned to Europe to proliferate this concept at other strategic customers and transferred from a technical contributor role to service operations management. He was chartered to create a Centralized Europe Electronics Service Organization. Over the course of his time in Europe, Ed refined this organization and grew his service business in exceeding his business objectives. He then moved onward to North America where he drove the same concept of high customer support operations while maximizing efficiency.

Ed’s workshop will focus on making global connectivity and cooperation with customers a reality. Key takeaways include:

  • Securing a higher return on your technology investments
  • Typical mistakes to avoid when digitizing your service operations
  • Seizing opportunities and securing your competitive edge through digital
Ed Mor, Senior Director, Semiconductor Service at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ed Mor

Senior Director, Semiconductor Service
Thermo Fisher Scientific

3:20 pm - 4:00 pm Workshop

*RSVP required

4:05 pm - 4:45 pm Workshop: Winning at Service on Tight Budgets and with Limited Resources

*RSVP required

Patrick Webb is the Sales Director – Americas for the General Electric Transportation, Marine, Stationary, Drilling Group, where he helps to manage the Technical Sales and Service Distribution throughout North America, including the coordination and support of a very professional Channel Partner Network.

Patrick has provided this leadership as a Ship Officer, Shipbuilding Design Engineer, Class Surveyor, Shipyard Principal, and Manufacturers’ Director of Services. Negotiating and managing more than a billion dollars in projects has convinced Patrick that in-situ grace and integrity are success keys in our modern marine business.

Join Patrick for a discussion about the constant pressure to cut costs, customers’ changing needs, and how to connect the dots between the two while keeping costs down and resources optimized. 

Patrick Webb, Sales Director - Americas at GE Transportation

Patrick Webb

Sales Director - Americas
GE Transportation

4:45 pm - 5:30 pm VIP Virtual Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting hosted by Aquant


*By invite only, RSVP required


Tour one of New England’s top craft breweries while you enjoy a variety of their seasonal beers, all from the comfort of your home! Join this unique Zoom experience, led by an expert guide and brewery owner Steve Sanderson of Riverwalk Brewing, to get an inside look at the process of artisanal craft brewing, beer styles, and flavor profiles of the brews you will be enjoying while socializing with your fellow field service pros. We’ll ship an assortment of Riverwalk beers straight to your door. Advance RSVP required.

4:45 pm - 5:30 pm “How ‘Bout a Drink” Virtual Happy Hour

We are embracing the idea of graceful networking in times of social distancing. Bring your favorite cocktail and explore opportunities to expand your professional network, ignite collaboration and grow your business.