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3 Reasons to Sponsor at Field Service:


Jereme Pitts, Chief Operating Officer, Librestream

Jereme joined Librestream as Chief Operating Officer in 2013.

Librestream aims to provide digital solutions for effective collaboration in Field Service. The Field Service event allows Librestream to extend their reach to a large sect of their target audience. The company has sponsored 15 Field Service events, including Field Service USA, Field Service Fall and Field Service Europe. Of those 15, Jereme has attended five events. At this point, you could say he’s a Field Service Conference pro.

Field Service helps establish organizations as thought leaders in the industry

“Field Service is a great platform to see our customers and potential prospects, and share our thought leadership. It’s not advertising in a magazine – it’s meeting them face-to-face, looking them in the eyes, and talking about what’s going on."

Build and maintain relationships with customers in an exclusive community.

“We’ve cultivated a relationship with a company we met at the event - Our stuff is becoming a pillar of how they’re changing their whole entire organization to become customer-facing. That came from the first event we attended and has continued."

“I’d say WBR has done a nice job at trying to figure out the healthy balance of getting customers to talk to vendors. We look to create long term relationships with our customers. I think those long term relationships are what differentiates us from the next guy."

“WBR has created a community and it’s really important that people recognize each other and recognize each other as part of the community. There are not a lot of organizations that do that. This is a community of people for both customers AND vendors."


Engage in targeted, purposeful conversation that will improve business for both Sponsors and Customers

“This is a show where you’re going to hear about what’s going on in the industry from people that want to have conversations and want to learn."

“There was hunger for information at Field Service from both customers and vendors that really wanted to understand what was going on in the industry, wanted solutions and they were in the right mindset."

“Vendors bring a lot to the table because they see what’s going on in the industry and they see the struggles or successes organizations are having.”

Interested in getting involved with sponsorship?

Sponsorship at WBR events, like Field Service USA and it’s associated programs, is a great way to put your organization in front of exactly who you want to meet.
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