Field Service Virtual Event

September 30 - October 02, 2020


10:30am - 6pm ET

Cutting Edge Technology Report: Surveying the Next-Gen Technology that is Transforming Service Delivery and Management

Full Report Available: March 2020

Service organizations are increasingly being challenged to adapt their operations based on the capabilities being presented by new technologies. A great example of this principle in action can be found in the development of Outcomes as a Service (OaaS) models, wherein the ability to monitor equipment more effectively in the field has given rise to the sale of outcomes based on equipment availability as opposed to the purchase of hardware itself. According to our recent report, Emerging Technology in Field Service, 93% of service organizations have implemented IoT capabilities and data analysis tools in order to support their service organizations to some degree.1 While the level of advancement that they have achieved can vary, the groundwork has largely been laid for service organizations to pursue more ambitious strategies supported by the data generated through IoT and analytics investments.

On the other hand, there is still work that needs to be done to connect the potential for data collection with a higher standard of service support. In the same study, WBR Insights uncovered that 74% of respondents had gaps in their ability to access real-time data “on availability, job status, resources, external impacts, or upselling opportunities as a result of their existing FSM technology.” Technology areas for investment clearly include FSM solutions, as well as the field technologies supporting both technicians and products. In the next installment of our Cutting Edge Technology Report, WBR Insights will survey the Field Service audience to determine which technologies they are prioritizing, how far they have come in implementation, as well as what the near-future holds for their investments as well as their strategic capabilities. Covering a broad base of organization sizes and levels of development, this snapshot of the market will be illuminating for any practitioners looking to benchmark their own performance.

Full Report Available: March 2020