Field Service Palm Springs 2020

April 21 - 24, 2020

JW Marriott Palm Desert Resort & Spa, CA


“I brought my team to Field Service USA and we were able to walk away with many more strategies and tactics that can we implement immediately. With so much content at Field Service USA, I don’t think I would have been able to cover it all alone.”

Jim Joyner, VP Global Operations Excellence, Astec Industries

“This was my first time attending Field Service USA and it exceeded my expectations. I was blown away by the amount of real-life examples and detailed benchmarks. The speakers were inspirational and made me rethink the way that we conduct our service business.”

Paul Williams, Director of Logistics, Resmed

“I hate going to events where I’m just being pitched all day. Field Service USA is the opposite – I’m surrounded by my peers all day. And with the tons of interactive and networking opportunities, I actually get to meet them.”

Fred Guckel, Director Global Technical Support, Cymer

“Tactical, strategic, AND future-facing – Field Service’s speakers cover all aspects of what my team needs for this year and beyond.”

Mark Hessinger, VP Global Services, 3D Systems

“Events of this size are usually kind of overwhelming – but it’s not like that at Field Service USA! The way it’s organized I easily met people with the same challenges and interests. Will absolutely be going back!”

Greg Burcham, Head of Service Effectiveness, Millipore Sigma

“Field Service USA is the place to go to a real pulse on not only what’s happening in the industry, but what’s changing in the future. It’s important to know what technologies and initiatives will be game-changers, and I get that information only at this show.”

Jon Kent, Manager Field Service Mobility, Cox Communications

“The sense of community you’ll find at Field Service USA is unlike any other show. With all of the peer to peer networking that happens – both within the sessions and outside of them – I made tons of new valuable contacts (and friends!) that I couldn’t get elsewhere.”

Brad Meiners, Field Operations Manager, Cymer

“I really appreciate hearing from a wide variety of executives from different industries. Learning what similar companies are doing is of course helpful too, but the cross-industry perspectives really get you thinking more creatively about service. Whether you’re a Head of Service, Team Leader, or Manager, you’ll find what you’re looking for here!”

Tom Hejlik, Service Manager, Cincinnati Incorporated

“I have attended many service conferences over the years. Field Service USA has successfully combined the elements of peer-based learning, trade show, networking, and fun all into one. This has led to a truly successful conference with morsels of awesomeness to hold me over until next time!”

Ashley Turner, VP Branch Operations, Hussmann Services Corporation

“I really enjoyed the dialogue during the break out sessions. It’s nice to hear that the obstacles we’re all facing are nearly universal.”

Chris Pedersen, Manager Professional Services, Panasonic

“The memories I’ve made at Field Service USA are unbeatable. From awesome receptions, tastings, sunset parties…. this event is more than a conference, it’s a true journey of fun and exploration.”

Thomas Gottschalk, Director of Special Projects, Summit ESP

“I found Field Service USA 2018 to be one of the most interactive events I’ve ever attended. The formats and the unique networking with like-minded senior-level executives were second to none.”

Roger Cotta, Vice President, TD Industries

“Not only were the speakers impressive but the sessions on AI and VR were really thought-provoking and beneficial to hear. I was able to come away with very solid action points as to how my service organization should move forward in this exciting new world of service.”

David Lowry, Service Director, Medivators

“The program was incredibly well-organized and put together. The Field Service onsite staff was an impressive team, energetic, fun and very responsive to me and my team. They really made the event that much better to attend.”

Timothy Bowen, Regional Service Director, Medivators

“Field Service conferences are excellent for breaking group think of a single industry conference. Cross industry conferences enable leaders to learn from one another, adopting best practices and bringing new ideas to a different industry.”

Christopher McHan, President, Neusoft Medical Systems USA

“Field Service has exceeded my expectations. I was overwhelmed by the amount of communication that I received leading up to the event. However, I am very impressed with the level of coordination and recognize that the comm was very beneficial.”

Tony Ligori, Service Manager, Taylor Arizona

“Event was very well laid out and vendors were easy to located”

Dustin Mataczynski, Field Service Site Leader, BW Papersystems

“Very well organized conference. Congrats!”

Javier Perez, Customer Support Director Latin America, BW Papersystems

“Well organized, nice booth setup and layout, good app.”

Bruce Kaufman, Product Innovation Manager, Fluke

“Very interesting conference with subjects being relevant to field operations. Most break out sessions/workshops offer a wide variety of topics which can lead to many improvement opportunities of our daily activities. Will definitely recommend this conference to senior leaders within my organization.”

Karl Mercier Geoffrey, Senior Manager, Technical and Process Improvement, Bell Canada

“Field Service USA 2018 Team, I want to tank you all for an great conference and an amazing networking experience. The events have been well organized and wonderfully executed. The venue is perfect and a welcome break from the weather back home in Ontario Canada. Some key takeaways for me this year are: change management, the future of IoT and AR. Thanks again for a great time.”

Chris Hendricks, VP Services, Levitt-Safety LTD

“Attending Field Service USA is critical to any organization looking to transform their organizations field workforce. The content is purposeful and is highly valuable to make that transformation happen. I highly recommend attending.”

Marc Coleman, Head of Field Service, Millipore Sigma

“First time in this FS USA 2018 and awesome experience. Great presentations and speakers, good job putting this event together.”

Julio Chaux, Field Service Leader, BW Papersystems

“This is my first time at Field Service and I wanted to share with you how impress I am with the quality of the event. Speakers are inspiring, booths are interesting and the venue is beautiful. The event will allow me to get industry insights and grow in my career. Again, thank you for the great event!

Celia Lamarche, Senior Manager Project Delivery & Support, Bell Canada

“Very interesting conference with great ideas for field operations. Most sessions and workshops offer a wide variety of topics which can lead to many improvement opportunities. Will definitely recommend this Field Service USA to my exec team.”

Stefan Reiter-Campeau, Senior Manager, Proactive Strategy, Bell Canada

“First time attending this conference. It was really great to learn about all the innovation happening in this space and building new partnerships.”

Ali Telya, Senior Manager Process Improvement and Performance Analytics, Bell Canada

“The conference has been very helpful and useful in that the format and set up is well suited for engagement and communication. Tracks are well set and vendors are plentiful. New technology and very informative.”

Raul Aguirre, Service Director, Coachella Valley Water District

“Field Service USA has the perfect level of seniority; they are the real decision makers at their respective organizations, with incredible buying power. This is where we come to meet the right people, and to make deals.”

Chris Pietsch, Sales Manager, ServiceLive, Inc.

“The event is focused on strong cutting edge content, which elevates the level and feel of the show. The Service Executives were engaged, and extremely interested in finding out about our products. We left the show with tons of business cards and a much better awareness of our company.”

Randy Selleck, Senior Consultant, Service Strategies

“At Field Service USA, I meet people worth meeting. The audience is one that you won’t meet anywhere else. The best companies, the right decision makers. My sales team thanked me after the show.”

Mike Wolf, Principal, Global Partners

“I go to Field Service USA to meet people. I go to other events just to be there. Field Service USA is where business gets done.”

Gerry Freedman, Account Executive, Jolt Consulting Group

“I hate being made to feel as though I’m a second class citizen at other events – at Field Service USA, we’re all equals. As a sponsor, I have full access to the conference app, to the entire show, all of the parties and receptions.”

James Lamb, VP Sales, Fieldbit

“What I love about Field Service USA is that it is NOT a vendor circus. The amount of practitioners that come to the event, along with the curated networking events allow us to have many meaningful conversations, every single day.”

Nayan Mehta, Director of Sales & Business Development, Scope AR

“Why was Field Service USA unique? The pre-event profiling report. That let me know exactly who was interested in my solution before I stepped foot on the show floor. That type of valuable information you can’t get anywhere else.”

Francisco Narganes, VP Sales, Scope AR

“These definitely aren’t the tirekickers - I’m talking to companies with real problems and active projects.”

Rob Schaefer, Solution Architect, ServiceNow

“Fantastic event. Good food, great sessions and well run.”

Jon Coley, Senior Vice President, Sales, Device Magic

“Real Field Service discussion, diversity of topics, good booths.”

Manas Pattanaik, Managing Director, PwC

“Field Service USA was awesome! From the speakers to the workshops to the food and fun events, this is a must-attend event for field service professionals. Mark your calendar for next year now - you’re not going to want to miss this!

Adam Bowers, Digital Marketing Manager, Syncron