Field Service USA 2018

April 17-April 20, 2018

JW Marriott Palm Desert Resort & Spa, CA


Learn Better. Network More. Ask The Questions You Want Answered.

Sitting passively in the audience is so 2016. This year Field Service USA has more interactive formats than ever before that were built to ensure you gain the most value from your four days out of the office. Here’s what we have in store for you!

Service Advancement Workshop Day

Back by popular demand! Participate in 5 of 20 different workshops to deep dive into areas of service that will make the biggest impact to your organization.

C-Level Fireside Chat

A panel of C-Level executives from the leading service organizations around the globe will shed light on the priorities of the C-Suite. From how our customers’ desires and expectations are changing, to service’s impact on business growth, all the way to how leading service organizations need to evolve to provide world-class customer service, this is a session you won’t want to miss.

Service Model Best Practice Board Rooms

Learn and share best practices around the nuances of your particular service model in a board room setting.

Toolbox Talks

Think of these like the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books you read in middle school. Choose the four topics that will make the biggest impact on achieving your 2017 priorities. Through interactive discussion you’ll tap into the collective expertise of 10 – 15 of your peers and be able to ask the questions you need answered. Your toolbox will be overflowing!

C-Level Network

It’s a private room set away from the busy conversations of the conference. You have to be on the list to get in. Only a small group will assemble – 15 or so, all C-level executives from the world’s leading service organizations. In candid conversation with officers who aren’t afraid to disrupt business as usual, you’ll discuss the service initiatives that most impact your operations and strategic outlook. Walk away inspired, full of insight, and with a new tight network of executive management colleagues. By invitation only. Request yours by contacting program director Sara Mueller at or 1 239.451.4155.

20 Years Of Service Club

A private celebration of your dedication to the service industry. Following the tradition established in 2015, we’ll bring together service executives with over 20 years experience for a special bourbon-tasting happy hour.

Industry-Specific Speed Networking Beer Tasting

Sip a cold one and meet at least 15 other service leaders in the same industry as you. Exchange business cards so you can follow up later to discuss common initiatives.

Case Study Revolutions

A small-group audience discussion to tackle a remaining challenge or opportunity posed by the preceding presenter. The session will wrap up by each group sharing the collective solutions they identified.

Oxford Style Debate: Should Technicians Sell To Your Customers?

Service has become a leading revenue stream in our organizations. Your technicians often have the most face-time with your customers and the strongest relationships, so in some organizations it makes sense to incentivize technicians to sell in order to secure more service contracts and upgrades. But some would argue a sales agenda will lower customer experience, diminish the role of “trusted advisor,” and require a set of skills not worth the effort to recruit or train for. Where do you stand? First, we’ll poll the audience to find out where they stand. Then each side will have a chance to provide opening and rebuttal statements. Finally, we’ll close with questions from the audience and then a closing poll to see how our debaters may have changed the audience’s minds.

Field Service Optimization Working Groups

Work with 20 of your peers to identify 5 concrete actions you can take to implement or enhance the service strategy most critical to your organization. The 5-step action plan will be reported back to the entire audience following the working groups so you won’t miss out on any gold nuggets.

Real-Time Audience Polling

Live polling will take place during panels and presentations. Panels will use it to guide their discussion towards the topics most important to you. Speakers can gage the expertise level of their audience. Simply key in your answer when the question appears on the big screen, and you’ll see what everyone is thinking in real time.