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Connecting Satisfaction with Next-Generation Field Service Technologies

Customer demand for visibility and empowerment is coinciding with a great transition of knowledge from veteran technicians to new field service recruits. Now, field service companies must transform how they manage service operations to meet those requirements.

This study of 100 industry leaders identifies the connections between new technology and customer satisfaction. It gauges industry readiness for knowledge transfer between generations as well.

Future Trends in Field Services Benchmark Report

Field service customers are evolving, so that exceptional technical performance is no longer the industry’s key differentiator. This industry benchmark report provides insights that help you maximize the lifetime value of your customers by increasing the business value of all customer touchpoints—both digital and personal.

Discover how customers are reshaping the industry by placing greater demand on the companies and technicians with whom they regularly do business. And learn how the best of these companies are taking advantage of new opportunities to increase customer loyalty, retention, and revenue.

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Field Service Guide for Mobile Forms and IOS

WUS_59796The field worker of today has an opportunity to seize. In the past, they would have relied on paper forms, heavy manuals, phone calls, and many daily emails just to try to gather information from the field. The field worker of yesterday was completely disconnected, with no way to get information to and from the office without physically delivering it. With mobile technology, we can now deliver the data in real time. The field worker of tomorrow and their managers, along with their administrative team at the office, will be completely connected in an efficient way that institutes productively collecting data as part of their day-to-day business.

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Exploring the Power of Optimal Mobile Performance

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The rate of technology adoption by field service workers continues to accelerate and with it mobile data consumption. The success of any mobile deployment, however, hinges on its reliability. Intermittent network connectivity or poor application stability can leave an employee cut off from essential information they need to do their jobs, leading to a frustrated worker and an unsatisfactory customer engagement. In short, as mobile utilization grows, the need for solutions that support workers with reliable, secure network connectivity will increase significantly.

Key topics include:

  • How mobile is being adopted in the field today
  • Common mobile issues and connectivity challenges
  • Managing mobile deployment and overseeing solution implementation in the field
  • Responsibility for mobile deployment and the structure of mobile programs
  • Looking at growth of the mobile workforces and supporting solutions

The World Made Web: What service will look like after IoT

The Internet of Things is a concept that has far reaching potential for service operations. In fact, the scope of the technology can make it difficult to appreciate some of the more defined aspects of how it will be disruptive. New from Field Service, our IoT technology profile explores how innovations are already in the field, and where the technology will take service in the next several years.

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An SFG℠ Analysts Take: Lessons Learned from WBR’s 2017 Field Service Fall Conference

There were many lessons to be learned about field service and customer support in 2017 due to a number of factors, including responses to multiple natural disasters; evolving patterns of customer needs, requirements and expectations; a changing competitive landscape; etc.

In this special report, Bill Pollock, President & Principal Consulting Analyst at Strategies For Growth℠ shares his takeaways from the Field Service Fall 2017 event in Amelia Island. Click on the image to download the report now.

Next Generation Service Strategies

Over the past decade, service has emerged as a huge driver of revenue and customer satisfaction. Customers now choose a piece of equipment based not on specific product attributes, but on the quality of the service that a company can provide, or what level of guarantee they have that the product will be operable. Service is now seen as an important competitive differentiator. In this brief report, we give you a snapshot on the latest strategies and technologies you’ll need to gain competitive advantages in customer satisfaction and increase service revenue.

Your Guide to Flawless Field Service: Delighting Customers

In this second in a series of 3 guides, we explore how the key to Delighting Customers literally lies in the hands of your service people. With the right technology, not only can you measure customer experience but you can impact it so powerfully it changes the face of service overnight.