Field Service Palm Springs 2021

April 27 - 29, 2021

Field Service Industry Articles

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Field Service Research Briefs

The Mid-Market Field Service Trend Report

WBR Insights looks into trends of how the workforce, tech infrastructure, and service models have been changing for organizations with <200 employees.

Field Service Delivery and Management Technology Survey

WBR Insights is surveying field service audiences on how operations are supported by cutting edge tech and how they have adapted based on tech capabilities.

Leading Field Service Technologies that Drive the Bottom Line

For manufacturers, service has become an important competitive differentiator and a huge driver of both revenue and customer satisfaction. This is causing a shift in business models as manufacturers make cultural, engagement, and technological advancements in selling not only products, but outcomes.

How Service Organizations Define SLAs to Deliver Outcomes As A Service

In a recent study, WBR Insights & Field Service Palm Springs surveyed field service executives to addresses how service organizations are defining SLAs to deliver Outcomes As A Service and meet uptime guarantees.

5 Future Trends from Leaders in Field Services

WBR Digital surveyed 100 industry leaders at its exclusive Field Service USA conference and found some unexpected truths about the direction of the industry. These five trends—from high technology to high fives—are not only interesting, they are surprisingly interconnected.

Service Innovation Articles

Philips' Collaborative Innovation & Entrepreneurship Culture

Philips is creating a global community of knowledge sharing and fresh thinking with Philips Innovation Services – always open to companies outside Philips.

ABB Uses AI Strategy to Aid Clients With Their Field Service Workforces

Artificial intelligence is not immune to the odd bout of hyperbole, but the technology has great potential in allowing the devices we use in our work to make decisions and learn in a similar fashion to their human operators. Now, Zurich-based ABB is employing the technology to help keep clients' field service workforces on task.

Fresenius Kabi seeks to use Augmented Reality to Shake Up Field Service

It's this side of the business which has led to Fresenius Kabi looking at augmented reality technology to offer increased field service offerings to its customers, both directly and via more effective training and support for its maintenance engineers.

The Fortune 2018 Change the World List is Out, and Johnson Controls Has Made the Cut

It's encouraging to see big brands such as Johnson Controls working with institutions such a UH to work towards building and maintaining a more sustainable world.

How Philips Healthcare is Helping to Keep the World's Hospitals Running

To stay relevant in 2018, it's crucial for field service brands to not only focus on the most proximate markets to themselves but to also think globally and find ways to access markets all over the world. This is exactly what Philips Healthcare is achieving with its new international partnerships.

Service Technology Articles

Ford's Predictive Analytics Approach for Road Safety

Automaker Ford uses data and analytics on connected vehicles to help reduce the occurrence of road incidents and address safety hazards in urban environments.

John Deere's IoT Solution for Sustainable Agriculture

John Deere is making connected farm machinery to reduce agricultural cost and increase productivity.

Siemens' Data Driven Solution for Logistics Maintenance

Siemens' Service 4.0 program monitors components in baggage handling systems and uses predictive analytics to prevent costly service downtime.

Lockheed Martin's VR & AR Strategy for Maintenance Training

Lockheed Martin's RELY3D platform uses advanced visualization tech to deliver interactive, cost-effective training to Apache maintenance engineers.

Lockheed Martin's Solution for Intermittent Fault Detection

Lockheed Martin and Universal Synaptics developed automated solutions to effectively test for intermittent electronics failure in aviation equipment.

Siemens's Predictive Maintenance Analytics Integration

Senseye's integration into Siemen's MindSphere IoT OS provides manufacturers with real-time info about the condition of machines for effective maintenance.

Boeing's AR Service Strategy For Maintenance Training

Boeing leverages AR tech to train its next generation of technicians with immersive curriculums designed for optimum learning.

GE Digital's Predictive Maintenance IoT Solution

GE's solution combines IoT technology with data science to let OEMs monitor the health of assets in real time and maintain them in a cost-effective manner.

Honeywell’s Prescriptive Maintenance Solution for Airlines

Honeywell's new Forge for Airlines platform uses analytics to predict mechanical failures and identify cost-effective maintenance actions.

Why Automation is the Secret Ingredient for your Field Service Workforce

The service industry is undergoing changes stemming from an aging pool of technicians, an increasing prevalence of connected, and thus more complex products in the field, and the growing demand for a high-standard of service that emphasizes predictive strategies and enhanced uptime.

How To Utilize Everyday Mobile Tech In Driving Collaboration

As field service organizations face increasing pressure to offer competitive service models, new technologies are transforming the way technicians connect with customers, enhance customer experiences, and drive business value.

AI and Machine Learning Are Helping to Build The Field Service Industry

AI is clearly the function by which many IoT devices can "think" and work out when a machine needs a repair or service. However, with machine learning, these connected components can learn to spot patterns in faults and recommend actions to ensure that repeated issues are addressed

Augmented Reality Will Support Field Service Techs in Every Aspect of Their Work

Augmented reality tech has gone way beyond simple novelties and games. We are now starting to see real practical applications in the field service industry. Those companies willing to embrace new technologies such as these are likely to see their work forces thrive and their efficiencies improve.

Customer Satisfaction Is the New Battleground for Field Service

It's customer satisfaction which will keep your clients on board for years to come and not give them cause to start looking at other service providers. People are busy, and they'd rather not have to take time out of their day to shop around.

How The IoT Is Changing the Face of Field Service

Few of us are ever far from our smartphones and more and more of our everyday devices and gadgets are gaining connectivity and moving online.

Create Video, AR and AI-Powered Productivity Focused Collaboration

There are two things that we identified as areas to improve. One was the efficiency of technicians who have a question, and also the efficiency of the people that support them in order to help more than one technician at a time.

Alternative "B4B" Offerings May Be the Future of Field Service Provision

By thinking of new ways for field service engineers to expand their role beyond the usual routine of maintenance and repair, the relationships between clients and service providers can be strengthened and become more collaborative.

Field Service Articles

How Field Service Management Software Open New Revenue Streams

The field service management market is on the up-and-up, with the latest research predicting growth from $1.78 billion in 2016 to $4.45 billion by 2022. This is leading more and more businesses to look to field service operations when creating their growth strategies.

Managing Service Operations to Exceed Customer and Employee Expectations

This is nothing new to the field service industry. Many companies, however, still struggle with developing outcome-based business models that will meet customer demand while still being practical for employees.